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Bandana & Sniper

My best contribution to the chess community is The National Chess Syllabus featuring The Bandana Exam System. My main contibution to opening theory is the creation of a new opeing called The Sniper which is now know throughout the chess community as a dynamic way to play for the advantage with Black. My Entire Sniper Portfolio and chess training materials can be downloaded from here.

White BandanaTest

Yellow Bandana test

Orange Bandana test

Chess is the best activity for kids aged 5-13.

There is plenty of reasons for your young children to play really help me to get an 'A' in my Masters in education as the many study techniques may seamlessly to academic education. If you want smart polite

well disciplined kids with good academic potential this is the way.....and it fun as well as extremely safe!

Every child in the world should play chess, better still if on an active training program with a Chess Master.


Why not book a few lessons with Charlie or order a gift token for some lessons as a birthday or Xmas present. Look out for our kiddies chess clubs too coming to an area near you! Feel free to view my Chess Blog on